silver and Pearl Cala Lily drop earrings

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925 sterling silver Cala Lily drop earrings each featuring a Pearl

5mm cultured freshwater peacock pearls

Approximate drop height: 16mm

Drop Width: 8mm at widest point


Pearl is the traditional birthstone for the month of June.

Known as ‘Queen of the gemstones’, Pearls are one of the oldest gemstones dating back to over 7,500 years ago.

Cultured freshwater pearls are produced in Mussels. They are the only gemstone to come from a living creature and were believed to symbolize wealth, purity, clarity and loyalty.

Care for your gemstone

These organic gems measure 2.5 to 4.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness (Diamonds are 10). To care for your pearls, wipe them gently using a soft, clean cloth dampened with warm water. Do not use soap or jewellery cleaning products. Place them in a towel to dry. Remove your Pearl earrings before applying perfume, make-up or sprays. Store separately from other jewellery in a satin or silk pouch.

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