Birthstone Jewellery by Month

Discover your birthstone jewellery by month

Birthstones are connected to the month of your birth.

Traditional birthstones have been utilized for centuries and have their roots in ancient beliefs.

Modern birthstones were introduced early in the 20th century, to keep the birthstone list current and adaptable to the availability of gemstones.

Alternative birthstones have emerged over time and across cultures, providing a broader range of options in terms of colour, cost, and personal preference.


Mth Traditional Modern Alternative
Jan Garnet Garnet Rose Quartz
Feb Amethyst Amethyst Serpentine
Mar Bloodstone Aquamarine Jasper
Apr Diamond Diamond Rock Crystal
Cubic Zirconia
White Topaz
May Emerald Emerald Chrysoprase
Jun Pearl Moonstone Alexandrite
Jul Ruby Ruby Carnelian
Aug Sardonyx Peridot Spinel
Sep Sapphire Sapphire Lapis Lazuli
Oct Opal Opal Pink Tourmaline
Nov Golden Topaz Golden Topaz
Yellow Beryl
Dec Turquoise Turquoise
Blue Zircon
Blue Topaz