Zodiac Birthstone Jewellery

Discover your birthstone by zodiac sign

Whilst birthstones are associated with the month in which you were born, Astrological birthstones (also known as Mystical birthstones) are associated with the zodiac sign (constellation) you were born under. Dating back to ancient times, each stone was believed to represent unique qualities and strengths. The perfect personal gift for a friend, loved one or a special treat for yourself.

Zodiac Sign
Date Astrological Birthstone
Aries The Ram 21 Mar-19 Apr Bloodstone
Taurus The Bull 20 Apr-20 May Sapphire
Gemini The Twins 21 May-20 Jun Agate
Cancer The Crab 21 Jun-22 Jul Emerald
Leo The Lion 23 Jul-22 Aug Onyx
Virgo The Maiden 23 Aug-22 Sep Carnelian
Libra The Scales 23 Sep-22 Oct Peridot
Scorpio The Scorpion 23 Oct-21 Nov Aquamarine
Sagittarius The Archer 22 Nov-21 Dec Blue Topaz
Capricorn The Goat 22 Dec-20 Jan Ruby
Aquarius The Water Bearer 21 Jan-18 Feb Garnet
Pisces The Fish 19 Feb-20 Mar Amethyst