Turquoise silver drop earrings

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Sterling silver earrings each comprising:

1 Turquoise bead

2 Sterling silver beads

1 Sterling silver tube bead

on a sterling silver head pin attached to a sterling silver earwire.


Birthstone for the month of December. The perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

Turquoise is thought to be one of the first gemstones ever discovered. Ancient Egyptians, Aztecs and Native Americans used Turquoise in their art and jewellery and its use is very popular today.

Care for your gemstone

Turquoise is a fairly hard gemstone with a ranking of 5.00-6.00 on the gemstone hardness scale. However, turquoise should be stored separately from harder stones, such as diamond, which could damage the turquoise if they came into contact in a harsh manner.

Care for your stone by cleaning regularly with pure water only and wiping with a soft cloth. Turquoise is porous, so chemicals can damage it. Heat should also be avoided.

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