Rose Quartz Crescent Moon Brooch

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Pretty brooch featuring a carved crescent moon face in Rose Quartz

  • 100% recycled sterling silver

  • Bar pin fastening with safety rolling catch

  • Height: 40mm

  • Width: 18mm at widest point


Rose Quartz is the alternative gemstone for the month of January. Known as the ‘gemstone of love’, it was believed that this gemstone could attract unconditional love, bring true friendships and heal broken hearts.

Care for your gemstone

Rose Quartz is fairly tough gemstone, rated at 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness (Diamond is 10). Gently clean your Rose Quartz gemstone in warm, soapy water taking care not to submerge in water for too long.

Store in a soft cloth or velvet pouch in a separate compartment of your jewellery box, away from other jewellery, to avoid scratches.

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