Celtic Labradorite and silver bracelet

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Sterling silver bracelet featuring a stunning oval blue flash Labradorite set in a 925 Celtic connector.

  • Blue flash Labradorite 10mm x 8mm 

  • Connector length: 30mm 

  • Total weight: 4.6gms.

  • Internal diameter: 55/56mm. 

Suitable for wrist size up to approximately 7.5 inches.


Labradorite, the stone of transformation, exhibits "labradorescence", a mesmerizing changing colour phenomenon. This gemstone is said to dispel negativity, calm emotions, reconnect you with your inner wisdom and enhance your sleep guiding you towards positivity.

Care for your gemstone

To keep your labradorite gemstone shiny and lustrous, regularly clean using gentle soap and warm water with an untreated cloth or soft brush. Once washed, rinse in water and dry thoroughly. Store labradorite in a soft cloth or a fabric lined box to avoid surface scratches caused by harder materials. 

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