Jade Crescent Moon and Silver Brooch

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Brooch featuring a carved crescent moon in Nephrite Jade

925 SIL stamped sterling silver bar pin fastening with safety rolling catch

Height: 40mm

Width: 13mm at widest point


Jade is an ancient gemstone, prized throughout many cultures including Chinese and Latin American. The Maori’s made weapons, tools, ornaments and pendants of Nephrite which were often handed down as heirlooms as it was believed that the Jade ancestral objects held special powers. Jade was also believed to represent beauty, purity and grace, blessing whatever it touched.

Care for your gemstone

To clean your Nephrite Jade, use mild soapy water and a soft cloth. Rinse well to remove any soapy residue. Do not use any harsh chemicals or cleaners, as Nephrite is porous and can absorb colours quite easily. Also avoid extreme temperature fluctuations, prolonged heat or strong light. Store your Jade brooch away from other gemstones to avoid scratches and fractures.

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