Celtic silver and Emerald adjustable ring

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Celtic 925 silver ring featuring a round Emerald gemstone.

4mm round faceted Emerald cabochon



The traditional and modern birthstone for the month of May and the traditional gemstone for the astrological sign of Cancer 21 June to 22 July. The perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

Ancient peoples believed Emeralds to be mystical talismans that could bestow the wearer with many gifts such as wealth, eloquence, the ability to predict the future and reveal the truth to them.

Care for your gemstone

A member of the beryl family, Emerald measures between 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs gemstone scale of hardness (Diamond is 10).

To care for your Emerald, clean with mild soap and warm water, using a soft cloth. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Store in a soft cloth or velvet pouch in a separate compartment of your jewellery box, away from other jewellery, to avoid scratches.

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